About the Project

Wind Energy Partners Pty Ltd propose a wind farm located 8km south of Nundle, a historic gold mining town, 50km south of Tamworth. The planned wind farm is being developed by an Australian owned developer of renewable energy projects. The team has more than 20 years of experience in the Australian renewable energy industry and has successfully developed several wind and solar farms in Australia.
Hills of Gold Energy is expected to have a power output of up to 400MW depending on the final design and subject to project approvals in accordance with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and in consultation with the community. The project will provide regional jobs and economic benefits for communities in and around Nundle, Hanging Rock and Crawney while producing enough electricity for approximately 170,000 typical homes on an average day.
Please see below for a map of the project boundaries, the construction corridor and the site access routes.

Subject to project approvals the proposed wind farm could include wind turbines as well as associated infrastructure including:

Wind turbines 
Following further consultation and a greater understanding of the proposed site and surrounding areas, there has been a revision from 97 to 70 wind turbine generators (WTGs) including towers, blades, and a generator housing. The turbine towers will be supported by underground concrete foundations. The turbine may include internal transformer and protection equipment or have this equipment co-located in a small housing next to the turbine base.

Access tracks
The construction of the wind farm will require the improvement of some local public roads and bridges leading up to the project site. Each turbine will be linked to project roads using gravel tracks. Each turbine location will also include a gravel area to support the cranes used to lift the turbine components.

Electrical cables
Turbines will be linked by an underground 33kV electrical cabling and fibre optic communications cabling.

A substation will collect the internal underground 33kV cables and step up the voltage to 330kV in order to transmit power to the national electricity market. The project will assess a range of connection options to determine the most suitable route.

Meteorological monitoring masts
Multiple lattice frame masts extending to the generator height will be constructed to enable monitoring of wind speed and direction

Ancillary facilities
A maintenance and storage shed will be constructed together with a site office and car parking facilities

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