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2022 Hills of Gold Wind Farm Sponsorship Program Application

Contributions made by ENGIE under the Hills of Gold Wind Farm Sponsorship program will be one-off cash payments up to the maximum value of $3,000. 

Please ensure you have read the Hills of Gold Wind Farm Sponsorship Guidelines and Terms and Conditions before submitting this form. 

You can also download an application form here and submit it electronically to

Hardcopy applications via mail will not be accepted. 

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Please provide your organisations primary banking details. These details will be used for payments if your organisation is successful in your application. 

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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to applications made under the 2022 Hills of Gold Wind Farm Sponsorship Program. 

  • ENGIE reserves the right to select: 

    • Successful sponsorship applicants 

    • The amount of the sponsorship allocation 

    • The method of payment and timing of payment to successful sponsorship applicants 


  • The decision to allocate sponsorship to successful applicants is final and ENGIE is not required to provide reasons to unsuccessful sponsorship applicants. 


  • Any funding allocation from the 2022 Hills of Gold Sponsorship program must be solely used for the purpose stated in the application. ENGIE reserves the right to withdraw and request repayment of the sponsorship allocation if the money is not used for the purpose outlined in the application. 


  • ENGIE must be informed immediately if the project, initiative or event funding was provided for is no longer proceeding. 


  • Expenditure of the sponsorship allocation must be completed within 12-months of official notification of funding, unless otherwise agreed with ENGIE. 


  • Should the actual total project cost exceed the sponsorship allocation, ENGIE will not be responsible or obliged to pay any monies in addition to the sponsorship allocation. 


  • Successful sponsorship applicants must maintain the appropriate insurances (including public liability insurance) and will provide ENGIE with certificates of currency when requested. 


  • ENGIE reserves the right to include details of sponsorship in its media, newsletters and website materials. 


  • ENGIE reserves the right to withdraw the sponsorship allocation if an organisation has been found to be involved with illegal activities. 


  • Any incomplete, unsigned sponsorship applications or applications submitted after the closing date will not be accepted by ENGIE. 


  • ENGIE will not fund third-party fund-raising activities, events that are illegal in nature, payment of existing debts, or activities and events whereby a solitary individual derives benefit. 


  • All recipients of funding must complete and brief report of the event and an acquittal form and submit receipts for all items and services paid for with allocation.  


  • ENGIE reserves the right to ask the recipient for a refund of funding, if the event, project or initiative funded by the sponsorship program is cancelled and unable to be rescheduled. 


I have read the Hills of Gold Wind Farm Sponsorship Guidelines and agree to all the Terms and Conditions.

Thanks for submitting!