Our responsibility to the community is to ensure there is transparency regarding the status and assessment of the project and that there are continuous opportunities for concerns to be raised.  We will be actively engaging local community members to provide input and feedback based on information shared within community meetings or through our website. 

If you live within Nundle or Hanging Rock and have concerns regarding the proposed wind farm, please consult the information on our website or contact us directly through the website or our contact us details below. We have a team in the local community with experience supporting the development of wind farms and a strong knowledge of the area who are happy to provide information and support. 
Our Approach to Engagement

Our approach to community consultation starts with identifying those that are closest to each proposed wind turbine. Prior to launching this website and as part of our lodging the preliminary environmental assessment of the project, meetings were held with all members of the community who lived within 3km of a proposed turbine. 

We will continue to meet with with the broader Hanging Rock and Nundle communities through dedicated information days and update residents on key project information through our regular newsletters which you can subscribe to below. Our aim is to ensure we address all community concerns and provide residents key information about the planning process, as well as the project’s benefits

 Establishing a Community Consultative Committee
Following our submission of the Preliminary Environmental Assessment in 2018, a Community Consultative Committee (“CCC”) was established. This CCC is made up of representatives from the local community, representatives on behalf of the wind farm and other project stakeholders. The CCC will aid in providing information about the wind farm to the local community. The CCC will be operated generally in accordance with the “Community Consultative Committee Guidelines” issued by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. These guidelines can be viewed here.

All meeting minutes of the CCC will be available below once established.
Community Enhancement Fund

The fund will be established to provide the community with the financial resources to help enhance lifestyle and opportunities for local residents around Hanging Rock, Nundle and communities close to the project. 


The fund will be supported with a commitment of $3,000 per wind turbine per year installed and operating, expected over a period of 25 years.  


Further details of the fund design will be announced following further community engagement to determine community priorities as well as consultation with the local councils involved in the project.